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Corporate Profile


Resman Holdings is the majority owner of the Airtex Manufacturing Partnership in Canada and Airtex Manufacturing LLLP. in the United States. The operations of these entities, which are conducted under the “Engineered Air” trade name, consist of the design, manufacture and sale of custom HVAC products. Since the inception of operations in 1966, Engineered Air has enjoyed significant growth and success through both internal expansion and acquisitions. It presently has seven manufacturing facilities totaling 900,000 square feet, 12 sales offices in Canada and 14 sales offices in the United States. Each sales office is backed by factory trained technical service personnel who are available to provide technical service assistance to customers. Engineered Air has over 1,300 employees consisting of engineers, technologists and production personnel, all of whom work in sales, manufacturing, design, research and development of HVAC products.


Resman has also been investing in real estate for a number of years, either directly or indirectly through Airstate Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Airtex Manufacturing Partnership. Its activities have included (i) the purchase of undeveloped land in both urban and suburban areas in and around Calgary, Alberta and also in various U.S. locations, (ii) providing equity investments on a project by project basis to land developers in the Calgary area, (iii) construction and upkeep of the Engineered Air manufacturing facilities, (iv) investment and enlargement of two major industrial and office portfolios in north and south Calgary, and (v) investment in rural parcels surrounding Calgary for future development purposes. Until recently, Resman held the majority interest in Three Sisters Mountain Village in Canmore, Alberta.


Over the years, Resman has also made significant investments in various oil and gas ventures and other widely diverse business endeavors. These include businesses which are involved in solar panel manufacturing, solar power generation, biotechnology, and the operation of the Thunderstone rock quarry in the vicinity of Canmore, Alberta. Moreover, Resman has recently commenced to provide mortgage lending and bridge loan financing.

Looking to the future, Resman will expand its lending business and continue to identify real estate investments as well as venture capital opportunities. Other than participation through board of director representation, it is anticipated that Resman will generally take a passive role in the management of any new businesses in which it invests.